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z – ro – 3 way relationship lyrics


“3 way relationship”

say cuz like this here, i’ma stay strapped n-gg-
i’ma keep me b-tch n-gg-, ya understand me believe that
she loves a n-gg-, real talk n-gg-
make way for a motherf-cking gangsta, loc’d up g’d up
at all motherf-cking times homeboy, real talk
get it how you live jack, (it’s a big e beat)

i got a gangsta chick, and a cl-ssy lady
i can’t decide which one i wanna be with, it’s driving me crazy
the one that’s good, want me out of the hood
but the other one be bugging, giving me reasons to keep on thugging
one of my women got big -ss breast-s, and wide hips
the other one is a 40, with a thirty round clip
she the reason i’m still breathing, y’all know what it is
yeah i love her, but she can’t give me kids
and she can’t run my bath water for me, or roll me a cigarillo
ain’t no s-x either, she just gon’ lay under the pillow
but it’s still a threesome, cause my other lil’ mama be in the bed too
doing everythang, s-xy black gon’ do
but black ain’t able, to catch an att-tude with me
over nonsense, baby argue and act a fool with me
i need to make a decision, but when
cause all i need in this life of sin, is me and my girlfriend

(you know i’m down with you, through all the up’s and downs with you
i feel like, we can make this work)
i need to make a decision, i don’t know who to choose
either way i win, but i still lose heeey
(baby you know i ride for you, whenever you want me to
i’m the one that makes sure, you don’t get hurt)
i need to make a decision, i don’t know who to choose
walking in a regular man’s, or a gangsta’s shoes heey

[verse 2]
she can’t do it to you like this, she can’t give it to you like that
she can’t even let you, hit it from the back
i’m the reason you can breath easy, i’m the reason everybody fear you
the b-tch that won’t let trouble come near you
i’m the one you can lean on, when times get hard
the one that’s trying to bring you closer to god
yeah but when it get gangsta, all she gon’ do is run and hide
i’ma hold you down baby, just think of me while tomorrow die

stuck between affection, and protection
my woman and my weapon, this situation’s got me stressing
yeah i’m a hoover gangsta crip, but i’m a man first
even still i find myself fingering s-xy black, until my hand hurts
dumping on my enemies, to save my life
with intentions, on getting laid tonight
so i guess in the end, all i need in this life of sin
is me, and both of my girlfriends


s-xy black listen, if the police get you and me then i’ll end up in prison
five years minimum, what they giving
that’s the reason why i chuck you out the window, when they pull up on my rear
come back and scoop you later, when the coast is clear
and baby girl, you already know how i feel about you
can’t picture myself, living without you
but in this bidness i’m in, it’s do or die that’s why
i keep my gangsta b-tch at my side, when i ride is you feeling me
would you rather picture someone killing me
three shots to the dome, have you wondering why i ain’t came home
for me s-xy black is necissary, like commissary when i’m in jail
cause murderers and jackers, be giving me h-ll
so f-ck it, let’s have a menizzle twizzle
one of y’all on my left one of y’all on my right, and me in the middle
something beautiful is about to begin, cause all i need in this life of sin
is me, and both of my girlfriends


me and both of my girlfriends…