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zalaska – disappeared lyrics


said you did it then you went in there cause you disappeared
i go to sleep when i hear you there and all od’d
time to go no lets swear lets go
then call up to me
are you alone is there no one there tell me all your needs

verse 1:
is there no one there
in the darkness, shadows creep
whispers echo, secrets keep
in this silence, i hear you weep
arе you lost, are you found, are you free
is therе no one
gone in the night, like a fleeting dream
lost in the echoes of a silent scream

but i’ll hold on tight, to what might have been
in the echoes of your voice, in the sp+ces in between
said you went in there than you disappeared
i can’t even find you
i said lets try to chase it and you said you didn’t even care

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