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zane brune – do or die lyrics


i want to believe that this crisis is averted
but this doesn’t mean that this claim will be asserted
i will burn them burning all yeah i’m coming
will it be the right time to make an alibi
will you stand up and shout the that you heard
yeah do or die
yeah do or die

on a righteous earth there they stood
upon a healthy and rich fulfilling land
but all in all they k!lled them all
and brought the pain and sorrow
to a stand still there still it was
burning at the last heard yeah you could
do or die
do or die

when i saw the light before me
questioning all the things that i can ignore
or can’t ignore me but i am
gone again in this misty haze
i have flown again into this dazy craze
the human race calls through the walls
do or die
do or die
when i stand tall through it all
waiting for you to come again
into my world
believing a sting will be contained
and when the work day ends i sigh
a little more
do or die