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zebrahead – sorry, but your friends are hot lyrics


you are
my one and only
but one can seem so f-cking lonely
shut up
hear me out
i got a bad habit
i can’t live without something wicked this way comes
it’s only s-x, i’m just having fun
i’m the king of unaccountability
i was born with a devil on my shoulder
i had a guilty heart
right from the start
i was born with a devil on my shoulder
it’s ripping me apart
my hands are tied
with this feeling comes no conscience
do or die
i’m content in misery
don’t even try understanding all this pain
the reason why
i don’t know
maybe you’re to blame
you’re so blind it’s easy
do anything
just to try to please me
shut up
listen to what i say
time is running out
you should bail today
something wicked this way comes
guilt inside of me
the king of pain i’m his only son
make you wish you’d never put your trust in me
wake up
this is never gonna end
wait up
you’re one in ten
i’ll break up
your will within and straight up
do it all again
if you wait up all night, i’ll be burning daylight
me and my libido are in on the take, right?
break what i want and leav you by the wayside
promise i’ll stop you can trust what i say
when i’m on top you’ll be droppin’ down the scale like

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