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ziggi – call me lyrics


h-llo ziggi

yeah yeah
ziggi once again
this is another one
you know we keep them coming
still rockin the vibes yah
for my ladies big up my ladies
it go so then

baby girl keep putting it on me
girl your face and you figure make my whole body shiver
baby girl you make me so h-rne
and you live the life style gyal you drive the place
every time that you step in the party
so if you want good lovin baby hear the zigga saying
just remember to call call me
once again
call call me.

well anytime you feel like caressing or lovin or
remember ziggaman got the remedy
and this ah no joke thing woman me nah play
say me ready when you ready baby girl this ah no comedy
all of my hot girl i got to keep them coming
listen baby girl i said i need you lovin
light me fire and you keep me burning
baby for you body am yearning


verse 2
so when the mood is right in the middle of the night
and you need me girl
am ready for your body baby
say she want a good love man a man she want a man to
come and rock her world
am ready for your body baby
but anyway
girl to me your body is really really appealing
hope you understand the way the zigga man feeling
long time me want fi give you s-xual healing
listen to me style when me reason


baby you body look good for real
physically proper make me wan run up in you baby girl
you full up a s-x appeal
woman you got the body that make everybody really want
some like the automatic and some want the stick shift
some like to have it slow others love to have it quick
put me hand pon you ties pas my tongue pon you lips
-ssume the position g string fi get rip


repeat verse 1

2x chorus

just back it up and fling it up and jack it up
so we go so then
we got another one mr rude