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zire – era lyrics


pass the wood to my bro (to my bro)
pass the stick to my hoe (to my hoe)
these n+ggas mad ’cause they broke (ya did)
n+gga, you know you a joke (you a joke)
n+gga, i ain’t gonna switch the flow (switch the flow)
tell bro to pass the coke (pass the coke)
these n+ggas mad because they low (’cause they low)
these n+ggas mad because they can’t glow (they can’t glow)
shoot the glock now they woke (now they woke)
gonna make sure they all know (they all know)
that they mind’s so slow (so slow)
get thе bread, get it and go (get it and go)
you want my monеy? that’s a no (that’s a no)

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