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zoe muth the lost high rollers – the last bus lyrics


it’s two below out in buffalo
and in my warmest winter coat i still can’t stand the
give me the strength to suffer the season
with the hope that i might find a reason
got off the last bus, smoked a cigarette
and when i get on the next one
i don’t know where i’m going yet
i said goodbye to harlan, i said goodbye to katie belle
you know the stories that i told her
they ain’t the kind an honest man would tell

chorus: now i don’t get much sleep
and i sure could stand to eat
and the only ties that bind me are bound
to a cold stone road that rolls it rolls
where no one knows

a few kids down at the station are just hangin’ around
i so get out my guitar and i lay a few songs down
maybe i’ll go to new york city down to the subway to play
it must be warmer down there than it is outside today
i know i told katy i’d look for a real job
but i ain’t the kind to be bossed and i ain’t the kind to
be bought
i let go of all my angels i told them to go on and fly
i let go of all my angels, thought i would be all right
alone for a while