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102 gang – active lyrics


verse 1 (saucedemon)
this sh+t it get active i’m poring the pint
can’t keep up my balance
i got me some b+tches
that don’t do no romance
could keep the twentys but i need the hunneds
you could get this drip
if you get a chance
i got them racks in the bank
n+gga f+ck what you think
i just be smoking on dank
can’t trust on b+tch
can’t trust on no man
b+tch look at that stack
that i hold in my hand
theses raf simmons
b+tch this ain’t no vans
i need all them racks in advance
i just be flexing and drippin
in france
b+tch i need them m’s
i don’t want no friends
might pop a perk and go béats mode
my main b+tch she suck like a freak hoe
i get active i poring them 4’s
or i get b+tches on b+tches on b+tches
i might f+ck on your hoe with my n+ggas
f+ck theses b+tches gotta get to the riches
i just wanna be counting my figures
i’m just smoking og with my n+ggas

verse 2 (lonebrain)
oon as that im up blow on marijane
since i’m stackin that guap bih im still the same
diamonds on me they attack it’s like hurricane
no i can’t complain, god bless me i’m good today
yea i came from the guetto
money ain’t changed me at all
it only make me better
ak47 gon turn into to a dancer
bankroll tied in my pocket
yea i walk alone in the valley
i ain’t scared n+gga can’t do nun
always keepin my finger on my gun
big booty she cute but she dumb
i gon put my thumb in her b+tt
yea yea i came from the bank
i just been droppin some bands on louis vuitton
i just been droppin some bands on new saint laurent
overseas drip bet n+gga u don’t kno the cost
private jet yung n+gga fly coast to coast