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11th hour – nothing but pain lyrics


loveless and lifeless
this world’s no friend of mine
joyless and colorless
can’t wait to leave it all behind

i chone on the bitterness
that eats me form inside
as i drown in the emptiness
i stare trough broken eyes
and take the pain

hopeless defenseless
from the horror that
grows inside
devouring relentless
intestinal suicide

i reach for my medicine
chemical peace of mind
must be my punishment
i laugh when i realize
and take the pain

nothing but pain it is all that
will ever remain
there is no happy end i will die
feeling nothing but pain

my body’s shutting down
my hands and feet ar bound
a fitting end for me
the pain wil set me free
now i must feed

feed my pain and
feed my pain and
feed my pain and
feed my pain and die