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11th hour – origins of mourning lyrics


and thus the crawling begins
upon a road of gravel and blood
i see your face… as you’re dying
and thus the suffering begins
down the corridor of regret
i feel you lifeless shape cradled in my arms

and thus the bleeding begins
along a trail of memories
i hear her voice… it breaks-
– as she’s crying
and thus the mourning begins
inside these walls of apathy
i never knew how to ease her sorrow

how did you ever find the key?
why did you open the cabinet?
the shining piece of deadly steel
so heavy in your tiny hands

the shot that tore the night in two
the blood that stained the carpet
the bag they put your body in
i wish they’d sealed my instead

roses on a coffin… as you slowly sink-
– into the earth
mourners softly sobbing… i can’t even cry-
– i’m numb with hurt
we never stood a chance… our bond-
– so fragile
where could we go from here… no where

and so i fled, into another world
a world inside my mind, not to be reached
completed denial, this never happened
i had to shut her out to save-
– the last bits of my sanity

and so she fled, into another life
a life without me, without this grief
complete estrangement, i let it happen
she had to get away, or torn to stone –
– just like me