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13killings – distortion of envy lyrics


this intense feeling of deep affection
great fear of nervousness,
yet showing pleasure, and contentment

wishing what we have, will never be lost
just remember that, nothing last forever
first time i realized, you were my sworn enemy.[2x]
my dreams that i had, have become nightmares

a sudden attack of fright,
confused why you would bring this damage,
disappointed over you,
this suffering illness you brought.
i feel nothing, nothing at all

what’s left for me is this cliff i stand,
the 50 foot fall in front that leads away from land,
and in to the deep blue sea,
think before i jump, this is what’s best for me.[2x]

when i hit the water, i dare not to move a muscle,
as i let poseiden do my dirty work.

why not? just let the water swallow me? take me down,
to the floor of the deep sea. (x2)

watch the as they eat me alive.[4x]

i might be mentally deranged,
but your spark, unleashed the monster with in me.[4x]

life only comes once, only once, that’s what makes it sweet[3x]

there was a time when we were combined as one
(no need for oxygen.)
and we would both follow through with love
now there’s no need for oxygen.[2x]