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14k – infamous control lyrics


[verse 1: 14k]

watch me get famous
like the k!ller that left you brainless
automatics in my city and they spray like sprinklers
you better wake up because their is beef in these streets
and they’ll leave you with some cold cuts
no sesame seeds
that’s for’real when yo homie set you up
the same n-gga that used to show you love
and if you cross me
you better watch out
because im going to step on all you n-ggas
like a f-cking bug
and if my foot don’t incorporate
and y’all survive
y’all better run
cause im packing pesticide
homicide, homicide
this is lyrically suicide
this going to affect everyone like the family’s that traumatized
from the homicides
call the doctor
from to many shots
you n-ggas impostors
y’all more pathetic than church girl acting like a thot
on any given sunday
you can get the whole 30
all my team warriors
like stephen curry
ain’t nothing but ,,
so why you in a hurry
this that dennnis the menace going off a flat
molly and all the above
i reign like a helicopter coming in from n.a.t.o.,
so its death from thee above
i survived the smokey forest
so now its all bear hugs
imma wear this game out like a white girl
wearing uggs

[verse 2: 14k]
[beat changes over]

yo i know this a year late
but my fans told me i should make you n-ggas pay
im a ignorant n-gga from the burbs
i ain’t never seen a piguet
but i can flip my words
like a bully
flipping your food tray
i eat you up, spit you out
mhmh what a taste
and i know im doing right cause you n-ggas starting to hate
yo we can do this any day
in between brunch
imma shake the game up
im the spike in the punch
who the f-ck are you to be making the cut
because its a lot if freshman rappers
doing anything for the cut
and im right there in front of them
aiming my gun
cause i do this 24/7
this is not for the fun
they talking like he the best only him
what about me?
imma give you straight mind
that’ll make you fix your brim
you n-ggas slim jim
im going to shake up rim
and dunk on all of these n-ggas
like i was up in the gym
my money ain’t never straight
so i always walk with a limp
white kids with ar’s
that’ll make you say ahhh
but im the only black boy
so i guess im the real n-gga in charge
how dare you
how dare you n-ggas blow my sh-t off
im sharper then the wind
im about to blow you top off
give you a cut off
this n-ggas is rednose shake up like rudolph
yo excuse me for my violence
but im tired of yall not even trying
poisoning my fans so they’ll believe what you said
round up every rapper and off with they head
no spit come out my mouth only packing this lead
the sh-t you had dropped like a vine had me dead
this is school 101
im only settling for number one
a perfectionist monster thats what i’ve become
i can get this game popping
without the name dropping
cause i dont want them to be reminded of your names
cause if they say it around me
then ima get to popping
like the kids in chiraq
this is anarchy we
we are not stopping
so f-ck what you got to say to me
14k aka the golden enemy

[bridge: 14k]
wait hold up
yall thought i was finished
yall thought yall could eat
and not even do the dishes

[verse 2: 14k]
you got me f-cked up
you and whoever listening
tell em all to buck up
because this is for all the disses
a dare sign on head
because this a k!lling
a morphine track on top of my tracks
this a dope fein going off some remix crack
this is for the liars nd hypocrites
anything that pop back
cause i can getting popping
like a brand new snap-back
f-ck the sideline
coach i put myself up in a game
i dont take sh-t i ain’t no f-cking slave
i paved the ground
that you walk on
i didn’t even get a thanks
you just kept the walk on
all this n-ggas is fake
hit them in they sew on
this a retaliation for so-on and so-on
and they telling me they might not like you
but im the peoples hero
yall keep the t-tle
and i admire how they wanna be like you
doing anything to be relevant
attention wh0r-s surround me
you type the of n-gga to make jokes about another n-ggas
cause you is irrelevant
yo excuses f-cking stink
somebody give you a peppermint
f-ck the emotional damage
you time is over
tell chicago the rap plane is landing