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1900 astro – hijeffery lyrics


came in this b-tch sippin’
green like scottie pippen

lil n-gga, you better stay in your lane
don’t lose your life over no fame
i hit her, still don’t know her name, ayy
that’s why i call her my lil bae-bae
n-gga walkin’ ’round like he got a point to prove
put him on a plate and now he dog food
soon as you trust a n-gga, swear that’s when they cross you
i don’t give a d-mn about no f-ckin’ blog food
my first love doing good, she in law school
thought it was all over when i had lost you
i had to stay down and make a couple boss moves
if you don’t stay around here, better not floss boo
i got some n-ggas wipe your nose for a pair of shoes
only one thing matter, the cash rules
now my pockets gettin’ fat and i got dance moves
if i run up three m’s then i’ma stack two
it’s eleven pm, i’m drivin’ fast, vroom
and you won’t catch me lackin’, i stay with the broom
trapped the hotel out, i swear like twenty rooms, yeah, yeah
i gave my n-ggas some employment in the bando
got a mexican plug named fernando
keep a big machine gun, feel like rambo
and i swear i ain’t trippin’ ’bout nan’ ho
bounce back so fast, it was crazy, yeah
b-tches tryna set me up to have my baby, yeah
tell me where you was when i wasn’t famous yet
drippin’ on these hoes, n-gga feel like famous dex
pull up in the ‘vette, you kow i gotta flex
30k ’round my neck, i’m runnin’ up a check
lost 50k on a bet, and i’m up now n-gga, motherf-ck a next
you ain’t gotta like it but i bet you gon’ respect it
should’ve paid the rent, i went and bought another necklace
drinkin’ so much lean, n-ggas thinkin’ i’m from texas
i want smoke with everybody, i feel like i’m rico recklezz
pop a perc for breakfast
i can see it in they face, these lil n-ggas jealous
we done been through it all, it ain’t sh-t that you can tell us
when i get the bag, i’m droppin’ all my n-ggas felons
they shootin’ when i tell ’em
hi jeffery, i heard it was your birthday, here’s a bentley
huh, you came from nothin’ and i came from nothin’ too
they ask me who my favorite was and it’s you
ten bands, one bracelet, bought two
don’t want no vans, i stay in designer shoes
panamera, four door, not a coupe
and my favorite thug song king troup