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1982 – morphine lyrics


[intro: termanology]
uh (statik selektah)
here we go

[verse 1: termanology]
kidnappings, alibis, drive+bys
i been there, there’s paperwork, so why lie?
four+fives, bullets spittin’, flesh cookin’
now you bare, fitted, body on the best cushion
hah, i came to dinner with a meat cleaver
bam, i get you hit up with a street sweeper
unique dreamer that’s whippin’ the green bimmer
in them clean sneakers, i spent my feature money on reefer
reach for my piece, you fittin’ to meet jesus
i’m a street g+nius, before rap, i sold heaters
it’s no weakness, runnin’ with cold creatures
put a bullet into your b+tch and k!ll your fetus
cement shoes, they don’t know where your feet is
closed casket, no clothes, you’re at the griever’s
it’s up to me, make a k!llin’ off the morphine
the fiends come and we hit ’em with the quarantine

[interlude: lil fame]
brr (yeah)
statik selektah, termanology, fizzy, ahh

[verse 2: lil fame]
ayo, i’m loyal to my brand (m.o.p.)
grand royal to my brand (m.o.p.)
n+gga, i spit fire, y’all can’t deny it
y’all fold under pressure, i was taught to apply it
i spit that raw sh+t, that old go+to+war sh+t
and leave it all over the track like horse sh+t
spaz+matic, i spaz with it
see that cloth that you cut from? i wouldn’t wipe my ass with it
+n+lyze my vocals, i’m the motherf+cker you go to
i leave n+ggas puzzled like sudoku
i blam a n+gga down, i specialize in street carpentry
yeah, i hammer n+ggas down
you know how we do, ran a n+gga down
went upside of his head and beat the camera n+gga down (c’mon)
m.o.p. and showoff, we be the raw team
statik, hit ’em with the quarantine