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1997 cast of king david - warm spring night lyrics


who or what is keeping
half the world from sleeping
me for one
night oppressive, stealing
through my body, feeling
hot as sun
well i think i might
taste the warm spring night

and the moon was high and you
never knew that i was there
there was nothing i could do
even if you’d been aware
i could never close my eyes
nor disguise
feelings you excite
on a warm spring night

naked woman turning
this way, that way, burning
through my soul
twisting, beauty shining
every move defining
your control
i don’t want to fight
on a warm spring night
and whoever now appears
in my life, i’ve seen it all
if i live a thousand years
you’re the one i will rеcall
and i want to take you now
whether wrong or right

on a warm spring night
on this warm spring night

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