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1kpg – made me lyrics


b-tches they know us, 1k we eating(all of my n-gg-s is eating)
dont f-ck with you n-gg-s, we know that you scheming
my city is crazy, violence is daily
but f-ck it i love it, this shit just made me

i got a red b-tch with some -ss that remind me of gina
but when i hit that light she change her whole demanor she nasty like trina
i be eager to see her we smoke by the o sip syrup by the liter
i please her then leave her whenever we meet up this shit is pretisgious
dro money he on me yeah that n-gg- feeling like i am el chapo
slamming shit like im vicne carter when back when he played with tornto
i am not honcho whatever i say boy lets get to it pr-nto
i am so mocho dissrespect me introdouce you to hollows
if he ain’t 1k, i cannot deal with you
like photoshop, you” get cropped out the picture
rickey i miss you so every cup i po i lived up
f-ck the jakes free mg and all of the rest of my hittas
dont f-ck with these n-gg-s, they on some hoe shit
if they know where that work at my n-gg- they on some kick do shit
you toting these guns, but you ain’t gon blow shit
ain’t got time to be with these n-gg-s im chasing this dough b-tch