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3am – echelon vibes lyrics


hublot on me i feel the king of spanish,walkin’ with a girl like victoria beckham
milan,in a fancy -ss mansion
wearing tuchemis,i change the fashion
“get money,f-ck b-tches” that’s my new anthem
this new blunt i’m on make me see new dimensions
i ain’t got no time for no mrs jacksons
alone in the wild,i f-ck your b-tch with some p-ssion
this for the ones that never really get it
i would rather be enjoying it all by myself than acting bogus on snapchat
fancy cars,bougie girls i’m an egoistic loner happy for the weather
man,you’re faker than the people who come on jimmy kimmel
too real to be alive,it ain’t no time to be alive
money dancing,doing haka
i feel like a popstar,eating that lobster
murkin’ on some models
tell your b-tch to get to the choppa
top of the world,i ain’t got no regrets
ballin’ like i play for the nets
i ain’t never trip,you know how i finesse
your girl ain’t no challenge
i get that mutta without even throwing them mullas like i’m young mulla,baby
there ain’t no shit that can change me
i come from 3rd world where they never seen no cds
still,too much heaven,my life couldn’t be any better
staying alive like i’m bee gees
nikes on my feet keep my cypher complete
cuz you can hip but can’t hop unless you ain’t got good kicks on

this that upper echelon vibes
this that upper echelon vibes
smoke two blunts,you know i’m high

it’s like,thieves among thieves
you see that,they rollin’ up their sleeves
just give me what i need to proceed
i ain’t that rapper who gon’ leave
f-ck you pay me
i’mma get richer than the sheikhs
back in the summer of 2014
i like how you made a mockery out of me
making me think like i’m n-body
it’s funny how you ain’t done no shit to me
cuz i’m still getting sunny,still gettin’ money
but you,you make me laugh but you ain’t funny
pussyboy,you think you gon’ run me?
ps4,xbox and all these consoles and you still thinking on playing me over?
one things for sure,you never f-ck with those in the major league,hoe
one thing i learned is to never get high on your own supply