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1mclarividencia x jaybelak – paranoia lyrics


“now since it hurts,”
“there is no turning back,”
“i hate this feeling,”
“i hate it more than you hate me.”
verse 1
body’s start to fall
scotch without the rocks
i beg your f-ckin’ pardon
have you lost it, you are gone
body’s start to drop
she bottles up her flaws
blood up on the walls then i ask her what’s the cause
f-ck the law [x3]
oh my god
your little daughter getting stalked
i electrify these n-gg-s, they just get the after shock
money talks, if you broke then it’s your fault
when i pull up on your block, it’s a f-ckin’ free for all
“you got something to say right?”
“let these f-ck n-gg-s know!”
verse 2
molly in the kitchen, uh
margarita whippin’, uh
mix it with the henney
rip my kidney
feeling sickened
i love lil’ penny
can’t take full d-ck give her demi
body small cause’ she a preemie
make her spray like allegheny
i’m aggressive, never friendly
uh, she love the drugs’
hit it from the back as she rollin’ up
imma be packin’ a couple rubs
don’t know if she burn so i’m finna’ double up
watch this sting call it demon love
clock go ring tryna’ wake me up
she can’t sing but she spit like russ
she love bling finna’ deck her up
i’m a p-ssive kid, with a dream and he p-ssionate
spitting was not an accident
ravenous, but i’m off of the cannabis
munchies checkin’ in the cabinet
i’m a strategist, who studies like an -n-lysis
my bars are elaborate
tell me if you catchin’ this
bars dressed up like i’m a fashionist
look good on the gram that’s a catfish
d-mn, i just caught you lackin’ b-tch
tell me what you packin’ b-tch
booty big or are you flat b-tch
you a skinny b-tch or you a fat b-tch
“haha, puke.”
“tell them f-ck n-gg-s!”
verse 3
okay, pump got n-gg-s g-ssed up
oh, my b-tch just had enough
all black lingerie, with the black and yellow fuzzy cuffs
suck me like you dracula
all your lies ain’t adding up
clip you to the bed, now tell me how the f-ck you supposed to run
hmm, k!ll me now [x2]
bad girl just like riri
take a bow [x2]
i will put you f-ckin’ 6 feet
in the ground [x2]
c-ked out like she whitney
i feel worse than bobby brown
verse 3
i hate b-tches
i love vixens
they like, “clari you a victim of this life that we livin’,”
i might smoke you, no conviction
she’s like 6-6-6
don’t f-ck on your body, i f-ck on her lip
my n-gg-s they rip, small intestines
i got your broad in every dimension
i got the blade, don’t think it’s a weapon
till i hit you with my depression
i’m a lil’ n-gg-, not in your section
i stay in my lane in every direction
i’m thumbin’ through hunds’, yo’ vix is pressin’
all on my d-ck, with no expression
i’m like a bird, i go with the wind
time out of mind, and time out again
give me a break
give me my space
i need to erase
get out of my face
bake you like cake
drippin’ like lake
no ace of spades
i need be a b-tch to hold all the pain
drive up a wall
i’ll see you again