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2 mello – all due respect lyrics


[verse 1]
every one of y’all is late on your checks
i’ve sent you an invoice for all due respect
support your local raw flows dealer
and plus that i dig through more records than mueller
and i delve deeper than what you hear out the speaker
you’re not biting my style you’re repeating after teacher
i’m the resident evil you’re just a nightmare creature knockoff
grandpa was a preacher i use the beat to knock your block off

[verse 2]
you’re gonna say my name with respect
2 sp-ce mello, never soft like jello
once you have the dragon b-lls you don’t take phone calls
you ain’t already saying h-llo you ain’t a fellow
my style ain’t a put on it’s a habit
betcha i’ll have your crush going operatic in my craftsmatic
which is right in the lab, so you can call it a collab
i’m never not sharing all the feelings that i have
you’re never not sharing all your boring horn stabs
chorus of annoying cloying rap forum sample grabs
when you come at the king, better throw on your little mpc swing
and poorly imitate the style that i bring
no investment in your own thing is too dear
i was more likely to die than i was to get here
and now that we chilling i’m illing with my feet planted
i don’t want respect i demand it, d-mn it

[verse 3]
i noticed a pattern since late last year
anybody wanna f-ck with my money, they disappear
i make it sweet for the ear, deadly for the throat
your respiration comes less steady at my quotes
my nation shredding my hopes and dropping ’em like a hanging rope
they wanna make us f-ck ourselves up just to cope
or leverage our power to take what ain’t ours
for my own little taste of life in the wastelands d-mn
i can’t barely stand what i eat out of their hand
the man, problematic parable of uncle sam
live my little life terribly grabbing my bootstraps
and nodding at those who admire but didn’t do that
you made it all your own way
with the clothes on your back and an inheritance of 500k
come play, i know people who can help you lose that
i can’t even fix my tooth so i got a loose rap
every one of y’all is late on your checks
i’ve sent you an invoice for all due respect
i expect it paid in two weeks time
without complaints about my rate or lines that didn’t rhyme
my favorite season was autumn, but we burned it away
now i live life for two reasons every day
to see sleazeb-lls take 180 degrees falls
and purloin their paper to line the pockets of my drawers

yeah, yeah! better show me respect
put your hands in the air like it was your career