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20 – peace lyrics


peace, peace, peace, peace,, (yah)
…iy just want peace….yeah
peace, peace, peace, peace
mc hammer mine please….(can’t touch it)

no, i got my own sauce
but lemon pepper my wings
daily i need grace
won’t u pour it on me

peace is all we ever really wanted….
peace inside my home & in my wallet…
they told me that peace was in the closet…
now im rocking peace like its designer!!! yeah yah!

i just wanna take care of my family, family
jet ski on the beaches in miami, ami
be safe from all the demons that be nagging, nagging
lawd please keep me from the ones in badges, badges

we put in these schools & they train us to slave
don’t think for yo self, just learn how to behave
work til u bought 40, then head for the grave
been feeding us poison, now chicken ain’t safe

go hit me a l!ck, & they say i done strayed
but them, paths is crooked u told me was straight
i’m finding it’s lies under paths that were paved
forgive me lawd i need a little more grace (grace echoe)


…i been running running, on the come up come up
seem like nothing working cause it’s taking forever

tryna get it honest, but i’m starting to wonder
am i doingit) wrong how i’m playing the game

i been on it on it, sacrifice so much &
i’m just hoping lord, that it wasn’t a mistake

seeing lives impacted, but they usin commas
just to measure how good of a man u became
….i’m up late at night, finding words to describe where i’m at while i’m writing this song
i’m missing a check, so i’m missing a bill & i’m praying the water stay on
i’m missing my kids, & holding back tears while saying good night on the phone
my peace come from god, but money what most my dependents is depending on
i thank god for the days…i made it outta dekalb
judge ate my check, but i told her it’s cool, imma get it all back in my food stamps
….lord i just really want peace & my pieces in place to big picture my puzzle
then god said be patient, keep grinding, cause peace come right after the struggle