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2017 broadway cast of sunday in the park with george – lesson #8 lyrics


“charles has a book…
charles shows them his crayons…
marie has the ball of charles…
good for marie…
charles misses his ball…”
george misses marie…
george misses a lot…
george is alone

george looks around
he sees the park
it is depressing
george looks ahead
george sees the dark
george is afraid
where are the people
out strolling on sunday?

george looks within
george is adrift
george goes by guessing
george looks behind
he had a gift
when did it fade?
you wanted people out
strolling on sunday
sorry, marie

see george remember how george used to be
stretching his vision in every direction
see george attempting to see a connection
when all he can see
is maybe a tree
the family tree
sorry, marie

george is afraid
george sees the park
george sees it dying
george too may fade
leaving no mark
just p-ssing through
just like the people
out strolling on sunday

george looks around
george is alone
no use denying
george is aground
george has outgrown
what he can do
george would have liked to see
people out strolling on sunday