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24kgoldn – alright (remix) lyrics


lyrics from snippet

[intro: 24kgoldn]
ooh, yeah

[chorus: 24kgoldn & quavo]
why you tryna fall in love when i’m leaving now
you can’t come around, still don’t wanna leave you ’round
baby, don’t put up a fire (put up a fire)
i promise you’ll be alright (yeah)
why you tryna fall in love when i’m leaving now
you can’t come around, still don’t wanna leave you ’round
baby, don’t put up a fire
because i promise you’ll be alright (yeah, yeah, yeah)
sh+t, at least for the night

[verse 1: 24kgoldn]
let’s take the jet (take the jet)
i’m feeling fly (i’m feeling fly)
ooh, what we gon’ do, i’m in your city for the night (city for the night)
pretty face (pretty face)
thick thighs (thick thighs)
d+mn girl, i think you just my type (ooh, woah)
baby up, you wish i were not fake friends (for your love, for your love)
when i’m not around, please don’t change up (don’t change up)