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2sweatydudes – cum.wav lyrics


[verse 1 + sweatyb+lls]
old mcdonald held his wood e i e i o
i stole his shoes because i could e i e i o
he said his dad is from is from the hood e i e i o
i told him get it back in blood e i e i o
turns out his dad was on smoke
very scary looking bloke
i was chillin with complacency
when he kidnapped me and castrated me
took my money like an agency
the pain was delayed like latency
when i came to
my b+lls were disformed they looked like you
acid all on my w+lly
it was looking vеry silly
im just here to make a milli
maybе push it to a billi
i come from chile
i came from spain
i was leaving my b+lls in pain
i was making it rain
with money and also my tears
you are all my greatest fears
pouring acid on my huh
pouring acid on my johnson
adam johnson
is a pedo
chicken alfredo
get to the chicken
give her a d+ckin
charles d+ckens
survival of the fittest
and im am the fittest
bing bong
yep i curtain rack
lampshade on my n+ts+ck
everybody get back
ive got a chopper and it will attack
ive got a dog and it bites back
and it l!cks on my b+ yeah
[verse 2 + sweatyeric
the evaporator
yeah im a obama
shout out the dalai lama
that guy he gives me good karma
for my new career as a farmer
me and obama
went to turkey for the shawarma
you know who we didn’t invite
kier starmer
i got the bees kneees
and the flys guys
and the bugs rugs
and the big jugs
last week i visited shaq
for the big hugs
now ima go sports direct
for the big mugs
versace versace versace
watch and see migo
immmm sh+tting right at this hibachi
watch out below
gotta head off in my new mazerati
rented i dont own
now im eating up my calamari
fresh from squidwards home
evaporating, ain’t easy
i seen a lil guy try it, and he got weezy
tag me on instagram, not ur grafitti
im world renowned, peru to tblisi