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3 feet smaller – reason unknown lyrics


pr-ckle inside
you’ve got the panty on backwards
stick my pr-ck down your throat until it hurts
put that in your pipe and smoke it
choke b-tch you’ll never cheat on me again
it’s eldritch
how i get crazy
do you still love me?
have you thought of me when you f-cked with him
now way
a face marked by sorrow
i hate this -sshole. why should i forgive you
this situation is your fault

i should have known i should have known
and i thought that you where grown, but i was wrong
my fault
i was blind too long
reason unknown reason unknown
your statement’s a contradiction botheration, straightforwardness is gone

you little b-tch
you are mentally r-t-rded
you f-ck around with other guys and afterwards you regret it
i’m trying to figure out where i turned wrong in this race
maybe you can tell me where i punch you in the face
every word that you say seems dishonest to me
i just want clarity
don’t try to blame it on me
i get so frustrated
i’m crying
i hate it
i’m still in love with you but i can’t forgive this


i go stark raving mad, please go before it escalates
you’ll live to rue it
now you cry
and now it escalates
stark raving mad, stark raving mad, stark raving mad…