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3 feet smaller – sorry lyrics


i think about you everyday (you say i don’t even call)
fa sho’ i love you baby stay (but you don’t me at all)
don’t want to let you slip away but (seem like you ready to fall)
hurry up get over it okay
okay, cause’ i can’t take this another day

what more can i say to make it okay
what more can i do
i said i’m sorry

what more can i say to make it okay
what more can i do
yeah i did that sorry, come on!

you got it together clean ms. perfect
you ain’t never did a thing ms. perfect
you won’t admit it but you committed it
behind the scene know what i mean ms. perfect

stop yelling don’t wanna fight no kung-fu
cause’ you got a skeleton i’ve got one too
and if you don’t tell it then it’s gon’ haunt you

don’t say it’s over or we’re through (baby don’t break us apart)
cause’ you know i was down for you (baby you’re breaking my heart)
girl i admit i wasn’t true (let’s try again from the start)
don’t know what you want me to do
girl, i don’t know what you want me to do

repeat chorus

how many times did i not sweat you
how many times you cried i kept you
how many times you lied i let you back again after then ain’t that true

you ain’t right you always fight though
you act like you might be psycho
why i gotta walk the line like tightrope

should have told me the truth boy freed your soul
now you wanna cry like please don’t go
you ain’t right ain’t like you gon’ change
so i don’t want to be no we no more
lie about big you’ll lie about small
lie about some folk’ lie about all
lie about where you say you’ve been all day when i didn’t get no call

girl do what you want to
i’d never hurt you, never hurt you it’s true
you’re my everything
the centerpiece of anything i do, ooh ooh
and without you by my side i won’t survive
oh no, oh no, oh no, oh no, don’t go