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3 kisses – after you lyrics


after you
music and lyrics by tish meeks
stolen kisses music (bmi)

carved your name into a table at the park
along with mine inside a heart
you know i think about you all the time
it’s the hardest part
but we’ll be fine, yeah we’ll be fine
hey now!

and you know that i love you
more than anyone else before
and there won’t be anyone after you
but i need your time
want you by my side
there won’t be anyone after you
not after you
hey now!

when i sleep i dream of lying with your arms
around me tight, you keep me warm
you know i think about you every night
it’s become the norm
so don’t let go, please don’t let go
hey now!

doesn’t matter how much time it’s gonna take
to realize our love is fate
i know you’re gonna figure everything out
i don’t mind the wait
without a doubt, no there’s no doubt