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3 kisses – fly away lyrics


fly away
music & lyrics by tish meeks
stolen kisses music (bmi)

it’s quiet in here and i am alone,
sittin’ by myself, waiting by the phone,
but it never rings because you never call,
you’ve got no time for me,
…no time at all
when i needed you,
you were never there
you were too absorbed in yourself to care
about the things i want about the things i need
it’s way too late i think we both agree


i thought i loved you
but i don’t need you
and i can’t stand you
i’m gonna leave you


and fly away
fly away
i’m gonna fly away

no matter what i do it seems that you complain,
and now my love for you is going down the drain,
you speak of me as if i were your prize,
but you treat me bad, don’t think you realize
that i’ve hurt so long i’m almost over you,
now you want to change
– find the love we knew
so much to fix, years of damage done
and all at once you want the love you ruined

it’s over now and that’s a shame
still i don’t know how to escape the pain
i feel
it’s weighed on me for way too long
and now the only long i wanna be is gone