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3 kisses – lost it all lyrics


lost it all
by tish meeks, stolen kisses music(bmi)

i had everything
but my sanity
it’s the only thing
that i’ve got no use for
you talk to me
you would think
i’m the closest thing
to perfectly normal

pre chorus:

but don’t let your perception fool ya
don’t get caught up in the drama
nothing’s ever what it seems
don’t say that i didn’t warn ya

i finally lost it all today
had the guts to walk away
i hit the breaking point
cuz i can’t get a break

i finally lost it all today

i failed to take control
of my destiny
almost wrecked it all
cuz i ignored all my instincts
i’ll start again
with some clarity
cuz it’s up to me
to make better choices

it’s not cut and dried
but i know it’s time
to make a change
and the future looks brighter
chaotic life
will be sacrificed
for some peace of mind
and a brand new beginning

tag – i finally lost it all, i finally lost it all, i finally lost it all today