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30k.platinum – inspecta lyrics


n-gga i inspect ya (2x)
down to catch a case my n-ggas move bricks like they tony
n-ggas talkin sh-t you might just end up like ya homie
take you from yo b-tch now she a widow and she lonly
fill her wit this d-ck i beat it down and now she on me

n-ggas want dat war in igot mo gadgets than inspecta
pull up at yo block you talkin sh-t then we inspect ya
pull up in dat foreign valet parking in dat tesler
i just get dat bag yo nvm he playin catch up
diamonds they be dancin might not wanna hit dat light switch
pull up on yo b-tch ouu ouu yeah she like dis
n-ggas they be hating they be trynna up dat pipe quick
catch em at dat light spark dat 40 on some hype sh-t
ballin on these n-ggas like da king of da court
happy trigger finger i be shooting till i score
hittin wit dat 30 like i’m curry in da 4th
pullin kickdoors got me bangin at yo door

n-ggas want dat beef i got mo gadgets than inspector
n-ggas claim they tough i up dat 40 den i test
n-ggas sneak dissing turned me into da inspector
f-ck who up now i told these n-gga dat i’m next up

i be pullin strings they gone shoot when i say
i be moving smart pop up n-gga then i lay low
silent wit dat 40 n-gga you can keep dat drekko
run up in yo crib wit dem mask where dat cake hoe
i’m just steady running up my m’s like monopoly
bad and boujee b-tch she give me brain likejjn she proud of me
i be speaking facts but these hoes dont like the sound of me
i just f-ck a b-tch and put her out and now she wil’n b
n-ggas they claimin that we friends we ain’t no kin folk
pull up in dat tesler catch him slipping through dat window
never catch me slippin got my glock and i stay ten toes
yo b-tch like to suck ouuu ouuu yeah she been pro
yo b-tch liked to f-ck so i p-ssed her to da team
run my money up i be counting all this green
all these hoes go crazy when i pull up on da scene
quick to check a n-gga ain’t no n-gga checkin me