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360 – lemme go lyrics


i can feel that it’s getting close
’bout to have another episode
it ain’t as easy as letting go
inside i’m crying, but you’ll never know
been asleep for weeks, in the same f-cking set of clothes
in my house, but i’m never home
barely got the energy to write a f-cking letter, no
even if i want to leave here they won’t let me go
which sick am i, can you let me know?
bipolar and skitzo, trust that i get ’em both
all this medication, i feel like i’m gettin’ slow
talkin’ to a shrink but i’m never gettin’ better though
i wanna leave, let me go
i can feel that it’s getting close
rock bottom’s where i’m headed though
this pain, i pray that you never know
if i had one wish, no more tomorrow
or no more pills that i’m forced to swallow
if i’m tapping out don’t f-ck around with me
’cause, if you try to stop me, you’re coming down with me
i wanna try to find some new surroundings
but in a second they got you surrounded
this is all i wanna do about it
wanna hang my head in shame with a f-cking noose around it

lemme go
just lemme go
just lemme go