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38 spesh - venting lyrics


i’m thinking about my daughter man, you know i miss her
wish i could kiss her, i lost her
only thing i got left is this picture
put it in the bible now she resting with the scriptures
one year later the lord blessed me with her sister
you know i’m real thankful
but you know it’s still painful
all that i can do is know i got an angel
but y’all don’t know what i’m going through
i told (?) when i was sitting in prison
that sh+t was gon’ change and n+gga i did it
i’m a n+gga that been in position
i lost everything dealing with this business and living
i had to sell all my sh+t to my n+ggas
my bracelet, my chain, watches, whip, to my n+ggas
i stayed strong off the strength of my n+ggas
but taking loss after loss wasn’t fixing my figures
i can only move three a week
that ain’t enough to feed lil jus (?), me, and treesh (?)
what the f+ck?
but everybody done crowned me nice
i made an impact on everybody around me life
real talk, made a difference for the team twice
two plugs, let ’em get it for the same price
like what you mean, my n+gga?
it’s all good, do your thing my n+gga
this is real life
but pardon me i’m just venting
thinking about some things that i should’ve did different
should’ve never fell out position getting dissed by a n+gga that used to be my assistant
you ever lost 400 thou my n+gga?
f+ck that, have you ever lost a child, my n+gga?
i hide the pain when i smile, my n+gga
i stay strong, but i don’t know how, my n+gga
the worst feeling, when i first turned villain
holding my baby’s ashes staring at the church ceiling
asking god for forgiveness, repentance, reverse sinning
is this because them bad dealings and burnt bridges?
is this because them scorned women with hurt feelings?
is this because i’m a thug, is these drugs worth dealing?
made my first mil and, everything changed
when i lost my first mil thought it’d all be the same
it’s hard f+cking with n+ggas that’s not pure
it’s sad when you think that they love you but not sure
i spent a few nights at the weston, top floor
blew money but i invested a lot more
so tell me how y’all gonna question my spot for
had at least at least a half a mil in my dresser, the top drawer
the difference was i was connected, i’m not y’all
peeps from cali to texas that got raw
made a few calls, got there, i paid a few broads to get it back, and made a few large
pardon me i’m just venting
thinking about some things that i should’ve did different
now i’m back in position
cutting off n+ggas ain’t f+cking back with you b+tches
i’m done, and i’m out

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