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3pac – i’m beastin lyrics


[verse 1]
i’m beastin’, i be feastin’
it’s the weekend, i be freakin’
pull up to the party, i be stuntin’ maserati
get yo b-tch drunk and she wanna ride me like a holly
50k show, 5k feature
f-cking in yo whip got 3pac all up in the speaker
and they see me making moves, all they wanna do is hate
they getting’ mad when they see a youngin getting cake
yeah, and there ain’t no time to hesitate
bring yo b-tch back to the stage and make her precitipate
moving weight, getting cake, stacking bread, getting chedda
my flow so hot, my words appear on infrared (on infrared)
[?], on frontpage news
got these b-tches on my bone, because i am the dude
pop the molly in the club i’m rollin’
i’m so [?], but yo b-tches got stolen
step into the play like barry bonds
back in the day i used to mow lawns (lawwwns)
now i’m getting chedda and i’m getting it with ease
through my eyes i bleed, i stay up in the streets

i don’t give a hoot (hoot)
cause i’m the beast in the booth (booth)
you cannot stop me (stop me)
when i enter beast mode (beast mode)

[verse 2]
what’s good, i’m back at it
stand up like an addict
3pac is a slap addict
chedda boy, yeah i stack it
get the bread, yeah i ain’t gon lie
getting head, i ain’t gon lie
y’all want a piece of my pile
when y’all used to watch me wyle
k!lling the game y’all know the name
f-cking hoes like charlie sheen
h-lla rings got rolex on my d-ck
all i do is press code and spit
k!ll the track, all in one track
get in yo b-tch so i can stick
yeah, yeah, yeah, so i can stick
yeah, yeah, yeah, and then get paid
yeah, yeah, yeah, that’s what i make
i don’t give a f-ck, cause i’m the sh-t