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415 – tic tac (nic nac) lyrics


[ d-loc ]
rich, what’s up with these b-tches coppin these att-tudes, man?
[ richie rich ]
man, i don’t know, i had one of these stupid hoes the other night, man
[ d-loc ]
shoulda slapped that b-tch
[ richie rich ]
talkin sh-t
i’ma talkin about real sh-t
cause i got up out the c-ck and went to handle some business
[ d-loc ]
that’s what you ‘posed to do
[ richie rich ]
well, i didn’t really handle no business though
i went and f-cked with another b-tch
[ d-loc ]
f-ck that b-tch, you ain’t got to be suckin up to no stupid–ss hoe
[ richie rich ]
the hoe breath was stankin and everything
i offered the hoe a tic tac
matter of fact, the hoe name was nic nac…

[ richie rich ]
you’re just mad cause i left the room
and since i didn’t come back you’re actin a fool
b-tch, i had a knot, so i rushed up out the c-ck
what you thought was a knock was a hoe on jock
so i skipped and you don’t know why
silly m-th-f-cka, the c-ck was dry
i kept pumpin and poundin, and all i saw
was 10 more minutes of this and my d-ck would be straight raw
nic nac, your breath needs a tic tac
f-ckin with the dubble-r you needs to kick back
i made the “415” and “sniches & biches”
and i be d-mned if a hoe will milk me for riches
just straight up d-ck is your option to lick
f-ck ridin on the gold ones and material sh-t
it’s like this, baby girl, you better survive
and quit talkin sh-t about the 415
so take that, miss nic nac
you ain’t held 415 back