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6 fifty per shoe – it’s july 23rd and my friends are in jail lyrics


what a day, i overslept again. its like this clock likes to play tricks on me-where does all the time go cuz, i could use a full refund-and i screwed up things with her for sure-i missed my chance to hold her hand-and by now the guys at the station.-things can’t get any more messed up than this…oh no-its july 23rd and my friends are in jail and i got no sleep last night-oh the summer’s halfway gone, do you know where we went wrong?-for my friends i’ll put up a fight-its july 23rd and my friends are in jail and she called me up last night-she said “boy how are you today, you know this hurts me to say, you’re not the one i had in mind” -“oh officer, these cuffs are on too tight-and where will i spend the night?”, the young boy said,-“when can i go home again?-and what have you done with my friend?”-i can’t believe they’re really locked away, and i hope tomorrow i’ll wake up and she’ll come to me and say-“hold onto to me tight” and everything was just a dream.