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a pregnant light – ultraviolet lyrics


burn in silence
feeling timeless
stretch my eyelids wider still
i need to find this violence
i must end this mindless trial
so i kiss hearts like wings on angels
red dress
red lips
red skin
red blood
dripping against this white line in time
so scared
so dry
strike like matches on this mattress

no more resentment for memories relating to the right and wrong
of what i do
inside of me is the light of you
the witness of truth
there was a young boy once, whose smile was wide
and his face was bright
i was a young boy once
that was miles ago in another life

if i could go back to then
i surely would, just to see me then
when time was like an orchid
heat helps these flowers grow

praise the name
praise the holy name
though i burn in life
in eternity safe

as i drift from life to death
from love to faith
to pain to break the mirrors again
just to see where the pieces go
i know they’re always far from here
they carry the image, both distant and clear
made to look like the things they see
parts of heaven pulled from parts of me