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aitana lópez – lie lyrics


looking through the window
i am thinking about you.
and i wonder.

there are so many questions.
and i’m asking myself of that time.
i did it right?

people come and never stay.
going, changing all my plans
but they leave, they traipse all.

they go away and don’t look back.
they leave all behind
i can’t forget it.
it’s still alive.

memories die.
they never think.
it all becomes a lie.

so i walk alone
i’m looking for a place.
where i can start again
i wonder.

you’re the helps that.
i added something.
that i do i desire
how should i do things now?

people go but here i stay.
maybe i just have to wait.
they might come back again.
time used everything i’ve heard.
it steals what people say.
that’s what they do.
they can’t forget.
memories die and everything
it all becomes a lie.