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alecs dyno – met you in middle school lyrics


[verse 1]

i met you in middle school
along with friends i still have
you were a friend of a friend
in life changing group chat
i was a part of

we didn’t talk much at all
for the time that we did
and when the group chat falls
and most of the group starts to distance
we ended our conversations
but 5 years later
i see your online on a game that i like
i tell you it’s been a long while
and we should hang out if you’re ever in the mood to
i’ll text you when i get online

[verse 2]

we get hanging out
playing games with all my friends
that met you and knew you were good
i hope you knew you were welcome
get to planning time to get together at a con
they fall through as your life falls apart

but still you held through
i check up on you every now and again
now until well
when days turn to weeks and weeks turn to months
i ask if you’re fine and you tell me you’re not


(i met you in middle school)
the last month you were here
(met you in middle school)
was just like before
(met you in middle school)
we would hang out and find a new game to play
chat about life and chat about strife’s
you’re last words to me were through text
it was your suicide note


i miss it by 2 hours and my phone says
last seen september 25th at 4:51 pm