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alena spanger – satie song lyrics


[verse 1]
i went to the ocean again
with the intent of rinsing my heart out
mouth open, cold air across my t++th like a satie melody
and it calms me down

[verse 2]
i made a shrine for us of driftwood and cherry pits
for the waves to spit and draw into their chaos
i know that i let you down
hmm, hmm, hmm

just like my mother, dark eyes lit the lavender hills
always looking for fire
always the trace of a stranger

[verse 3]
well i can’t erase the strange pale (ah!) face by the lake
still as glass, you spoke and the lake cracked it was deafening
mmm, and i can’t shake the ringing from my ears
i still can’t shake this ringing from my ears, ahh

just like my mother, i climbed to the top of the hill
we were just looking for fire
in the faces of strangers
but this is where i come from
the grays and the blues
the sly wicked child
and the lavender hills

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