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almighty u-sorcerer – /64/ lyrics


it’s been a minute since i called you back
it’s been a minute since i called you back
and it’s been a hour since i pulled the wraith up
you ain’t putting on makeup
why you still making me wait up
you promised me you’d change up
evolve before i came up
now i’m hunting you and you ain’t up
lotta people tryna find you
when the one who want you most right behind you
do you, do you want me to get to you
cause i swear there ain’t nothing i wouldn’t do
sometimes the one who love you most the one that get you last
and then you wonder why your location getting put on blast
cause all the people here out lookin’ for your -ss
now you can’t hide from me, snorlax…

pokemon goin’ on without you
pokemon goin’ on…