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alvix – netflix & chill lyrics


oh, this is taking so long time
oh my god
seriously this is what happens when you call a f-ckboy

hey baby what’s up!
you wanna hang out tonight?
i don’t know, do something fun!
ha, well i’m home alone so…
maybe you could come over and…
…and i don’t know… whatch some netflix an chill??

oh my god!
do i need to put some more makeup on?
maybe i should take off some makeup…
i wanna look natural but gorgous, right?
ahh… i don’t know, by the way where is he? seriously…
guys take such long time, like. ah
come in baby!
oh my god where have you been all day?!
hah, i’ve been waiting like forever!
did you like those nudies i sent you on snapchat?
nah, i don’t know.
maybe we could just watch some netflix and chill?