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anna tivel – astrovan lyrics


i love you, i’m nervous, my heart beats imperfectly, sometimes i act like a clown
in bright colored makeup, to hide my mistakes and the fear that you’ll figure me out

the deep purple sadness that washes my eyelids
i lift them up trying to look at you now
with love on my fingers, i move to deliver, the powerful thing that i felt

i love you, don’t worry, it’s just temporary, my back turned against you at night
a magnetic heat, it released all my demons, i dream that my dreams are on fire

the cool of your breath pulling in pulls me back, i uncurl like a flower in the yellowing light
your eyes slowly open, two bluebirds arriving to land on the branch of my mind
i love you, forgive me, my suitcase is empty, i lost all the things that i am
like kissing you tenderly, right off the highway, the back of a gold astrovan

the best that i have are all things that you gave me, i’ll find a way baby to give them all back
the sky up above and the kindness of love and the truth even when it hurts bad