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arctic sleep – over the antifreeze rainbow lyrics


was it just the winter stars, or did it seem so far to the gates on the moor?
spilled that shot of apathy halfway down in the shades of distilleries
did we just die… or did the liquid sky sink and spiral down through the trees?
the echoes wave into the gl-ss, a fragment of the final signal
this ship is just a specter-sh-ll; the trail is gone but these tracks burn a scar in the field
openings and airlocks breathe into the bay as it’s all erased
stirred those pools of lipid ink, now the ghosts have found a permanent host in me
hallucinations and memories, embers sent up light-years out of our reach

high above the tree-line, vibrations blur the gauges and led’s
sullen eyes euthanized in the calm of the twilight sky
but still we see
and somehow know
just stay and wait til the pain is gone
let innocence be just this once

endless miles of gray shade, promises of another reality
drops of morphine shine on the backlit dew of a dying memory
we’ll slowly breathe
and cease to be
delay the calcination some
bide our time by the setting sun

condensation forms a chandelier, reflecting tinder and waning solar beams
ebbing consciousness, prismatic residuum and undertow
just disengage
and let it drift away
steal one last glimpse of the bloodless moon
alleviation will set in soon