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aspiring wijsdom – global distribution lyrics


you sick of working this late? chyep
enough to survive, not quite enough to get straight yet
cash in on that lotto boy? nah it ain’t no great bet
take it all in one or split monthly? i’d take that late check
then get some weight? step back – go rethink that decision
cause luxury ain’t nothing if that’s the way you’ll be living
paranoia or prison, laser beam with precision
they’ll take your head from you my man, ain’t no greater division
then let’s make a revision, if not hustle or luck
were just stuck in the muck, young and grinding, broke as trucks
on the side of the road, or so the story goes
let’s raid some castles for peaches then we’ll be mario’s
nah you can be toad, though on a serious note
know any bowzer’s round? i’d be so down to rainbow his road
mostly just clowns trying a blow, and so few of proportions
although i do know one foreign mobster who banks through extortions

robbery scene from juice

“lawyer” quote from scarface