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autre ne veut – don’t ever look back lyrics


now this getaway
you find this is not me
i’m listening and watching baby

and i will not find a way to say you don’t baby
this is not a hunger baby

and now the sky fall
but anyway you don’t think this is how you feelin baby

and i will be far away
then you don’t want
this is cannot be a way now
you wanna know that i’m well

i’ll be the fire
now and maybe forever

do you never know what you want?
this is my fire that’s here burnin

you can’t wait for me in the snow
you said early afternoon shorty

don’t ever wanna fight
said stop, don’t let anyone through me

i don’t ever wanna die
feel stubborn til you come back to me, me

well i’ll be there for long
and maybe forever more

i said i said i said i’mma say
don’t ever look back
you said never find left and burnin
and i’ll water you, i’m lovin you
you left for me this box
you said hurry and to never come late
far away, far away

i’m never coming back
you said stand right there, then come to me
let it out now now now now

you ever wanna try
you said stand there, then come to me

nothing in our world
i’ll be there for… and nowhere
maybe forever