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aypee – take it how you want it lyrics


uh! mothaf-cka! yea yea
this is dope yo!
i’m gonna f-ckin’ k!ll ya with da mic\
i’m hotter than p-ssy power for a dyk-
here comes the autistic n-gg-
the amazing cracka-beaner
as macho as a wife beater
and as g-y and fab as a c-ck eater
with the mind of a psycho k!ller
and the greatest sk!lls on the c-nt filler
and a c-ck like godzilla
speech impediment rapper
i’m even droppin’ rhymes when i’m sitting on the cr-pper
esés always say “you’s a weirdo motherf-cker”
and i say “that’s right, you boring c-cksucker”
like an aussie mickey d’s, i taste better than maccas
2pac, satan, and n.w.a are my f-cking mecca
and you n-gg-s are as salty as cholesterol mecos
and i don’t text back it’s ’cause i’m maccing
i mean, who doesn’t like f-cking?
there is no such rap king
you do it or you don’t
stop complaining like a ho
i play b-ss and b-tches like it’s f-cking nintendo
i don’t care if i suck
n-gg-, you can suck my c-ck
i don’t give a f-ck

i do it for the lols and i do it for the fun
kinda why everybody just do it with your mom
she always needs a man
so i always come around
with a f-cking 40 oz
always ready for the pound
and i record her moans and upload ’em to the cloud
reppin’ reppin’ reppin’ my town
reppin’ reppin’ reppin’ d-town
(and foco too)
yea, 970 to the f-ckin’ 303
ap! a to the motherf-cking p, mate
n-gg-, careful when you drive
that’s a motherf-cking tree
not scared of being drunk
i’m as tacky as a b-m
and as wacky as a punk
rucka rucka rucka funk
you as fake as silicone
n-gg-, f-ck the metronome
i’ll eat you on a ice cream cone
with a bit of rapper foam
and by that i mean my c-m
since you like in the b-m
ven pa’cá, pinche cabrón
come, come camarón
with some huevos rancheros
el culero más cabrón
el mero mero chingón
te la cago en inglés
te la cago en español
y tu white girl te dejará por ser pinche mamón
siguele de hocicón