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baby bonnie – ahead of time lyrics


old e’ from that needle in my stomach
the hgld puffer prolly’ cost a couple hundred
got vanilla backwoods
gettin stuffed up with some pumpkins
i’m sunk in & sinking
its still f-ck what you thinkin’
type to ash my blunt in your drink
& just cop a lincoln, all cash for no reason
like i’m still dreaming
holdin’ my face under the sink
new leaves on my tree
i ain’t leaving

my life a b-tch so
i stay waiting on her kiss goodnight
truth is, these goofs the only reason for my appet-te
sadly i can’t craft you a verse
unless that baggage right
& baby you can’t hit this blunt
unless im finna’ bag & pipe
said, i know i’m wrong but
we smoking right
forced to turn the music up
cause shorty was the moaning type
said, i know im wrong
but we smoking right
drum the loop & hit my coffee
get to workin over time

swore i was serving
when they seen the way i bag that dime
the bars sour like the loud
could say we wrappin’ limes
dutches by the bakers dozen
gettin’ baked ahead of time
lakers in my paper
’cause i ball as much as bonnie rhyme
paid the debt & rent
but stress is still my detriment
running down them tracks
i fade to black, enter my element
whichever way they crossing
someone bound to witness severance
they heard this sh-t
& started callin me that f-cking veteran
spent a year of my life
cleaning up dog sh-t
still i scrub the beats and spit the polish
study like this college
spliff it ’til we noxious
chasing gorgeous, independent women
who can give me lots of knowledge
mega man kush got my main man nodding
i’m rotting ’til i crumble
been looking like the dirty bubble
resin, blood, sweat, & tears drape across the knuckles
jesus has a place for me
that’s walkin’ with the trouble duffle