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bhebhe – pressure lyrics


(verse 1)
reminisce on when we used to b-mp tubes
sony ericsson where we used to b-mp tunes
if you selling fixes gotta bring tools
stabbing ain’t new so it doesn’t make the news
getting picked on take him out like a red card
form a circle to laugh at your dead bars
before 16s deep in my teens
mum kept telling me to pull up my jeans
back in north west tryna link real friends
you’re not a roadman cuzzy you’re a beg friend
i ain’t the same guy you used to know
had to drop a couple out they refuse to grow
getting into fights just to prove a point
i was tryna take her down just to prove a point
we all family men and i protect mine
learn from mistakes even if they ain’t mine

grew up around the way
jus tryna find my way
find my way
i know they counting me
grew up around the way
jus tryna find my way
find my way
i know they counting me

(verse 2)
know yourself, but it’s harder when you’re fatherless
full of emotion but you don’t know how to harness it
your model rolls up
streets are wild cuz
she ain’t raised right somebody’s gunna gunna cuff
they break bones when it’s time to get the belly
cuz we hungry out here boy better call a medic
you be making rounds in morning for the paper
losing sleep but you can find it later
your mother needs the help so get your weight up
don’t worry bout the chicks they don’t wait up
my n-gg- jus face what’s in front of you
being bitter about dad ain’t helping you
n-body’s smiling round here quite common
the light skins get more love still common
you the man so they can’t be telling you sh-t
you take care of the fam before school’s in

(hook) x2