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bhi bhiman – ballerina lyrics


we got married in a walmart
down by the wrangler jeans
i’m gonna dress my baby like a vampire
next week on halloween
gotta lotta things down at the walmart
things like trampolines
i got me some whiskey and some diapers
for my darlin’ lucy jean
i’m a ballerina on the lam
we got married at the walmart
down by the franks and beans
k!lled a guy in texas
stole my grandma’s hyundai
now our faces on the magazine
makin’ love and then we’re makin’ bacon
just wipe down the foreman grill
looky there bocephus over yonder
that’s where your pappy was k!lled
i’m a ballerina on the lam
i send my kids to school down at the walmart
its kinda like a private school
baby says her favorite cl-ss is recess
lucy jean just pees the kiddie pool
was born here at this walmart and i’ll die here
it sits on an old injun ground
the best maize-on-a-cob in the tri-county
this walmart’s proud to say it can be found
i’m a ballerina on the lam
well you done tried to fetch me
it ain’t worth to catch me
come on and be my loving man
well i been trying to reach ya
the time will just eat ya
i best be doin’ what i can