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big backwoods – no hook lyrics


woeful you made this?

no hook so i’m f+ckin gunnin it
i got a baby gator in my hands screamin boonk gang for the fun of it
i’m f+ckin snorthin pills like it’s mc’donalds i’m lovin it badabadada
i got choppers 30s 40s and a draco spraying at the opps like grah fah fah fah fah
apk we hitting them all that’s on the gang
have a shoot out on a f+ckin lake
or on a f+ckin interstate or at a f+ckin
grave + yard drive to new orleans them b+tches 6 feet tall
i don’t know if all yall feel me
my bars electric and i’m like a eel
electric eel
i’m geekin like a rich man after a 13 course meal
and a couple what?
i got percs 60s 10s 30s
ugh ugh
pop out of your toilet bowl like howdy ho!
i’m dashin 101 miles per hour in lisbon stackin up my what?
writing bars
matchin beats
handin out flyers for promo like what? like i’m old school
walk up to your girl and takе her cause i’m that dude
shе f+cks with me cause i’m f+cking with the gators
i took too much v++gr+ and now i’m an overfrequent m+st+rbator
ooo ayo what the f+ck
like uh like what?
these bars out of pocket
i went to florida and caught an viral infection now pickin white snot out my eyesocket
stick my d+ck in this b+tch’s hip socket
i f+cked her
i slashed the roast beef i’m the hash slinging slasher
tell my opps f+ck you i’ll shoot you with the nerf water blaster
i got lsd in that
ayy the east know what?
gang gang gang gang fah grah

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