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bit depth – gabe’s song lyrics


[verse 1]
blue sleet melting the snow down from the mountainside
you know this gun’s for hire but i don’t have the strength left to hide
a single storm can only do so much ’til all the clouds are dry
so what a lovely sight it is to see that final flake fall by

[verse 2]
we’re only working for the man to tell me honestly, is he giving you hard time?
the climate froze up so much, i’m surprised you hadn’t switch to part+time
but now the weather looks so pleasant, do you want to take this conversation outside?
it’s slightly different around these parts so if you need a hand to hold, you can take mine

from thе start, it seemed we werе never really free
but now you know, you can always reach me

[verse 3]
not every dying animal’s a lesson to be learned
all of the fables in our memory were way too unconcerned
so let’s set up a private burial for two who lived but never got to speak
lay them gently in the dirt beneath, take the time to paint the crosses god is holding back for us
i like watching you in focus while you’re rolling back your cuffs
if only you had moved here sooner, but it’s another life we never even met
was it always said

from the start, it seemed we were never really free
but now you know, you can always reach me
but now you know, you can always reach me
[verse 4]
and every hanging message that i sent
i’ll try my hardest not to think
you’ve lost your love for me
it’s the closest that i’ve ever been
i know i’m always paranoid
it’s an aspect i try to avoid
but fast as i can run away, this tail’s still a part of me
when you do get back to me
send a heart upon my screen
i trust you with my own, i’d let you guide me to that open sea
i can be the elpenor to your loyal perimedes
and though those men were all condemned
the stars tonight shine favorably

so be my cardiographer
let me know my heart’s commissioned
tell me my astrologer
upon which light should i be wishing?
ages that i waited just to see you in the flesh
and could i count on one hand all the times
we meet before our deaths?
but now you’re here and breathing next to me
here and breathing next to me
i swear, one day this fear is going to be the bitter death of me
but here and breathing next to me
is you, and i can tell you one thing
i know for certain is it’s more than what i have long to be

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